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Tired of re-keying locks – or setting new passwords – every time an employee leaves? Wish you didn’t have to wander around manually locking doors throughout your building at closing time? Then it’s time to add dependable wireless access control with Trilogy by Alarm Lock.

Build a state-of-the-art access control system one door at a time.

Trilogy wireless locks install in about an hour and last for years. They’re made to the strictest of standards to be weatherproof, and our cylindrical locks have Grade 1 durability.

Eliminate the need for keys, and for changing keys when personnel is added or leaves. With Trilogy's PIN code features, just remove the former employee's code from the system and issue a new code for the new employee. No need for relocking or even hiring a locksmith. Or issue a new card if you choose a Trilogy with prox card features.

Trilogy digital access locks:

Alarm Lock products provide keyless access control without any wiring, saving labor, expense and construction-associated downtime and mess. A standard Trilogy lock can be installed in place of any standard door knob by drilling 4 surrounding holes to the original door knob hole, in about an hour.

Trilogy electronic standalone pushbutton locks are available in all sizes and configurations to fit any door including cylindrical, mortise, exit trim or narrow stile (aluminum doors). We can even fit a Trilogy lock to your glass doors. Plus, they come in five architectural finishes, so that the Trilogy lock you install will fit the style of your entrance.

With 17 different Trilogy locking systems currently available, we can easily find the one that provides the right level of features, security, and ease of use for your firm’s needs.