• In an hour, add dependable wireless access control, one door at a timeeasily retrofit standard knobsets
  • Support 100 to 2000 PIN codes (3-5 or 6 digits); some with built-in HID prox readers for use with access ID cards/fobs
  • Multi-level user codes & one-time service codes. Free passage, group- or total lock-out modes, too
  • All are fingertip programmable at vandalproof all-metal keypad
  • PC programmable models also feature printable audit trail, auto-lock/unlock scheduling saving guard/manpower costs
  • Long-life battery operation (cylindrical models use 5AA off-the-shelf batteries); low battery alert
  • Key override, standard core (supplied) or interchangeable core prep
  • Non-handed cylindrical models
  • Programmable relay functions
  • Durable BHMA Grade 1 Lockset
  • Weatherproof models -31 to +151F (-35 to +66C)
  • Curved Regal handle option



































Add-ons & Extras

Strikes for model 11AStrikes for model 11A

Model 210K

  • Strike for single or double inswinging door(s) (not included with 11A)

Model K24A

  • Strike for single outswinging door (included with 11A)

Model K28Narrow stile mounting bars

  • Strike for double outswinging doors (not included with 11A)

Narrow stile mounting bars

Model 99

(pair) not shown
  • 3/8 x 1 anodized aluminum narrow stile mounting bar US28 finished. For mounting Model 11A to narrow stile (glass) doors. Specify 36 or 48. (Not Shown)
    Rim Cylinder

Rim cylinder

Model CER

  • Rim cyliner required for interior arming/disarming of models 11A, 80, 250, 260, 700, 710 & 715. Includes two keys (KA or KD)

Mortise cylinderMortise cylinder

Model CEM

  • Mortise cylinder used with the Pilfergard models PG10 and PG21/E to arm and disarm the alarm circuit. Includes two keys (KA or KD)

Cylinder finger pullCylinder finger pull

Model 711

  • An inexpensive door cylinder finger pull for use when outside key only access is required.

Outside access door pullOutside access door pull

Model 707

  • Outise door pull for access from building exteriors. Installed on the outside of the door and linked to the lock. After deadbolt is retracted by outside key, a slight pull will release the deadlatch and open the door. 8 x 1 1/2. (For use with all models except Model 11A).

Battery eliminator

Model PP100

  • For use with all PG10, PG21/E, PG30, 250, 700, 80, 260, 710 and 715 models. The PP100 conserves the battery which automatically takes over as the power source to sound the alarm in the event of a power failure or intentional cut-off. A built-in circuit breaker with push-button reset eliminates troublesome fuse replacements. Includes a cam lock cylinder and 6 of armored cable adequate to provide a door loop at the hinged-side of the door. Can be used with all 6V and 9V models.

Double door holder

Model 44

  • The Double Door Holder secures the inactive door to the frame while the active door is closed. Releasing the active door automatically allows both doors to swing freely. Reversible, right or left hand doors. Cast aluminum 8 1/2 long, 3 wide and 2 1/2 high.

Armored door loop

Model 271

  • For use with electrified locks. An easy means for bringing electric current from the hinge side of a door frame to the door. 18 flexible armored cable. End brackets are deep drawn anodized aluminum to conceal wire connections.

Single door strikeSingle door strike

Models 730 & 725

  • Model 730 single door strike supplied with models 250, 700 and 80.
  • Model 730M single door strike supplied with models 260 and 710 and 80. Model 735 supplied with model 715.

Double door strike

double door strikeModels 732 & 735

  • Model 732 double door strike for use with models 250, 700 and 80.
  • Model 732M double door strike for use with models 260 and 710.
  • Model 735 double door strike for use with model 715. (Not Shown)