• In an hour, add dependable wireless access control, one door at a timeeasily retrofit standard knobsets
  • Support 100 to 2000 PIN codes (3-5 or 6 digits); some with built-in HID prox readers for use with access ID cards/fobs
  • Multi-level user codes & one-time service codes. Free passage, group- or total lock-out modes, too
  • All are fingertip programmable at vandalproof all-metal keypad
  • PC programmable models also feature printable audit trail, auto-lock/unlock scheduling saving guard/manpower costs
  • Long-life battery operation (cylindrical models use 5AA off-the-shelf batteries); low battery alert
  • Key override, standard core (supplied) or interchangeable core prep
  • Non-handed cylindrical models
  • Programmable relay functions
  • Durable BHMA Grade 1 Lockset
  • Weatherproof models -31 to +151F (-35 to +66C)
  • Curved Regal handle option


DL2700 Spec Sheet

DL2800 Spec Sheet

Download DL2700 Enhanced
Instructions OI209A (100 users)

Download T2 DL2700 Keypad
Programming Cheat Sheet

Download Trilogy T2 Series ALA519

Download T2 Enhanced Keypad Programming Cheat Sheet

Download Template All Cylindrical Locks

Download DL2800
Programming Instructions

Download DL2700 Parts List
with exploded view

DL3000 Spec Sheet

DL3200 Spec Sheet

Download DL3000
Programming Instructions

Download Quick Start Guide
for DL-3000 Series

Download DL3000 Parts list
with exploded view

Download T3 Keyapd
Programming Cheat Sheet

Download DL3500, DL3500EX, ETDL & DL3200 Programming Instructions


Download Template--All Cylindrical Locks





Cylindrical Pin Locks, DL2700, DL2800, DL3000, DL3200

Trilogy standalone digital cylindrical keyless door locks


Our most popular keypad door lock now with more codes & power!
  • More codes: up to 100 3-6 digit codes: 1 master, 10 managers, 90 basic users, 3 one-time service codes
  • 5AA battery operated; 5 years battery life or 200,000 cycles, typ.
  • For outdoors, specify WP Weatherproof models -31 to +151F (-35 to +66C)

New! DL2700LD with Lock-Down Indicator Light Bar & Keyfob

  • New Model in popular, standalone DL2700 T2 Series, designed for in K12/Campus Applications
  • At the first sign of trouble, faculty & staff can remotely press their pocket-sized keyfob’s button to lock out unauthorized access, instantly locking-down a classroom or area, while all can remain safely within the room or area
  • For multi-classroom users, up to 50 keyfobs can be supported on each lock.
  • Up to 100 3-6 digit codes: 1 master, 10 managers, 90 basic users, 3 one-time service codes
  • Each keyfob can control up to four locks for remote lockdown activation, up to 100’ away
  • Large Indicator Light Bar on insidedoorconfirms to occupants that the door has been successfully locked down. Small Visible/Audible indicator outside, too.
  • Lockdown Override Code will reactivate the pushbutton keypad and enable authorized teachers/staff and first responders, outside the classroom or area, to readily deactivate the lockout function at any time.
  • Retrofits any standard classroom lockset, vandal-resistant all-metal keypad & rugged Grade 1 durability, installed in under an hour
  • 5AA battery operated; 3 to 4 years battery life or 100,000 cycles, typ.

Trilogy economical audit trail security lock provides keyless entry for up to 200 users


  • 1000 event audit trail log, time-stamped by day, date, time and user
  • 150 scheduled automatic lock/unlock events,etc.
  • 200 user codes: Master, manager, supervisor and basic users. Also one-time service code (3-6 digits)
  • Weatherproof -31 to +151F (-35 to +66C)
  • Relay may be programmed to energize on one or more selected events
  • 5AA Battery operated; 80,000 cycles, typ.

Advanced digital electronic door lock with audit trail


  • Original Audit Trail Trilogy keypad lock, similar to above
  • 300 multilevel user codes; 1600 event log


High Capacity Audit Trail Lock
New, enhanced version of the original DL3000
  • 2000 user codes (3-6 digits)
  • Multilevel security - Master; manager; supervisor; basic users
  • Program at keypad or with PC-and/or data-transfer module
  • 40,000 event audit trail logs with time-/date-stamp of access by user; create PC reports or at hand-held wireless printer
  • 150 scheduled lock/unlock events
  • Quick passage mode (without being in program mode)
  • Weatherproof -31 to +151F (-35 to +66C)
  • 5AA Battery operated; 80,000 cycles, typ.