Trilogy Electronic Door Locks
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Keyless Door Locks

Trilogy electronic door lock features (cylindrical and mortise locks)


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Trilogy® cylindrical and mortise locks with privacy/lock down pushbutton on inner door (mortise & cylindrical pin or pin/prox models) provide advanced keyless entry

DL4100 and Prox PDL4100

Flashing LED outside indicates the room is occupied or lockedSimilar to the DL3200 electronic door lock features plus:

Also available in mortise lock model

School Lock-Down Applications and keyless door locks - remain safely inside until the coast is clear - no need to open the door with Trilogy Electronic Door Locks

At the first sign of trouble outside, with just one button and virtually no special training or knowledge required, faculty and/or students of all ages can simply press Trilogy's inside 'privacy' button to lock out unauthorized access, instantly locking-down a classroom or area, all while remaining safely within the room. There is no need to open the door, nor use a special key, since the fingertip-activated button is located on the inside door, i.e., the same side as classroom occupants. Trilogy's lockdown function automatically disables free passage through the door and even locks out general PIN user codes, since routine Trilogy keypad access is temporarily suspended whenever the privacy button is activated (even when the lock is time-scheduled for free-access mode).

Instantly, a lock-down override code, however, will reactivate the pushbutton keypad and enable authorized teachers/staff, outside the classroom, to readily bypass the lockout function at any time, should students, etc. accidentally or purposefully activate lockdown mode. (In fact, all master and management codes (11) will permit instant access to the Trilogy protected area.)


DL4500 and Prox PDL4500 mortise door locks also available

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