• In an hour, add dependable wireless access control, one door at a time—easily retrofit standard knobsets
  • Support 100 to 2000 PIN codes (3-5 or 6 digits); some with built-in HID prox readers for use with access ID cards/fobs
  • Multi-level user codes & one-time service codes. Free passage, group- or total lock-out modes, too
  • All are fingertip programmable at vandalproof all-metal keypad
  • PC programmable models also feature printable audit trail, auto-lock/unlock scheduling saving guard/manpower costs
  • Long-life battery operation (cylindrical models use 5AA off-the-shelf batteries); low battery alert
  • Key override, standard core (supplied) or interchangeable core prep
  • Non-handed cylindrical models
  • Programmable relay functions
  • Durable BHMA Grade 1 Lockset
  • Weatherproof models -31 to +151F (-35 to +66C)
  • Curved Regal handle option




















Complete Control with Keyless Door Locks

Businesses and many facilities really need to know who is entering and exiting from their buildings, and exactly when they do so. This is not always easy, especially if old-fashioned locks with keys are used. With keyless door locks, however a whole new world of complete control can be created.

Keyless door locks can be programmed with hundreds of separate PIN numbers that will allow only registered users to access the secure doors. All activity for a lock can be detailed in a customized report that will let a manager or owner know who visited a building or area of a facility.

In addition to excellent monitoring, keyless door locks can also be programmed to remain unlocked for certain periods of each day. This "event scheduling" is a great feature for facilities that see a lot of daily traffic, but who would also like the added security after hours.