• In an hour, add dependable wireless access control, one door at a time—easily retrofit standard knobsets
  • Support 100 to 2000 PIN codes (3-5 or 6 digits); some with built-in HID prox readers for use with access ID cards/fobs
  • Multi-level user codes & one-time service codes. Free passage, group- or total lock-out modes, too
  • All are fingertip programmable at vandalproof all-metal keypad
  • PC programmable models also feature printable audit trail, auto-lock/unlock scheduling saving guard/manpower costs
  • Long-life battery operation (cylindrical models use 5AA off-the-shelf batteries); low battery alert
  • Key override, standard core (supplied) or interchangeable core prep
  • Non-handed cylindrical models
  • Programmable relay functions
  • Durable BHMA Grade 1 Lockset
  • Weatherproof models -31Ż to +151ŻF (-35Ż to +66ŻC)
  • Curved Regal handle option


Alarm Lock Tiered School Security Solutions Flyer

School LocDown™ Solutions for Every Budget

PDL5300 Spec Sheet

WI1623B.03 Double-Sided Installation DL5200, 5300 and PDL5300

Download Quick Start Guide for PDL5300/DL5300 Series

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Napco Security Tiered Lock Down Solutions & SAVI™ Audit Tool for Campus Security


Double Sided Locks DL5200, DL5300, PDL5300


These are difficult times for schools and those charged with securing them. Recent tragedies call for a host of new, more stringent security measures to be implemented seemingly overnight. While at the same time, the weak economy dictates that school budgets across the US, are stretched tighter than any in recent memory.

Two School Lock-Down Solutions from Alarm Lock,
The Leader in Access Control Locks:

Remain safely inside until the coast is clear with Trilogy Standalone Locks with Classroom Lock-Down.

  • No need to open the door.
  • No keys.
  • Affordably added one door at a time when time & budgets permit.

Trilogy Standalone Electronic Access Locks, lock-down a classroom, with the press of a button on the inner door – an indicator blinks to show it’s active. No keys required.  Add them one door at a time, in under an hour.

  • At the first sign of trouble outside, lock down a classroom instantly
  • Faculty & students remain safely within the classroom, no need to open the door
  • One-button activation – no training required. (Includes bilingual, pictorial signage.)
  • No keys to find/carry
  • LED indicator shows lockdown status from the inside, for peace of mind
  • Disables keypad access from outside and overrides any free access schedule
  • Instant lockdown-override code will reactivate PIN/ID card access for accidental activation, preventing prankster students locking out authorized teachers, administrators, master-codes, for example
  • Available in cylindrical, mortise PIN code models with and without ID-card support option  for 2000 users
  • Retrofits standard locksets in under an hour using virtually same door prep
  • Add protection one door at a time, inside or out (weatherproof -31Ż to +151ŻF)
  • Vandal-resistant all-metal Grade 1 design and mechanical key override with IC core models, too.
  • Leading Electronic Acces Locks; Lowest Acquisition & Maintenance Costs; Longest Warranties
  • Alarm Lock Trilogy® StandaloneP/DL4100 & 4500 Series

In 10-Seconds Activate Global Lockdown from any one lock or the network server with Trilogy Networx Wireless Locks.

  • Scalable Network. Added one door at a time when time & budgets permit.
  • No keys + ID-card option
  • Installation Flexibility. Physically add locks a door at a time. IT-Network later with free Windows-based software.
  • Lock down all classrooms in wireless 802.11B/G or Ethernet lock network in under 10 seconds
  • Global lockdown or unlock command can come from any one lock or the school server
  • One-button activation – no training required
  • No keys to find/carry
  • Disables keypad access from outside and automatically overrides any free access or other schedules
  • Authorized Lockdown-override code will reactivate PIN/ID card access to prevent accidental activation
  • Retrofits standard locksets in under an hour using virtually same door prep
  • Add protection one door at a time, inside or out (weatherproof -31Ż to +151ŻF). Add physical security first; network later as desired.
  • Vandal-resistant all-metal Grade 1 design and mechanical key override with IC core models, too.
  • Wireless. Unprecedented 5yr+ long battery life.
  • Models support up to 5000 PIN code &/or ID-Card Users , available in cylindrical, mortise PIN code models
  • At 1/3 of the price per door, Networx can use same ID cards as standard hardwired access systems, including HID iClass 13.56MHz one-card systems
  • Seamless upgrade path for Standalone Trilogy’s in field with conversion kit
  • Secure 128 Bit AES PC encryption and proprietary RF-link lock communication thru bidirectional gateways
  • PC Programmable with Free Windows-based software. No door-to-door ops., or audit trail queries, or schedule programming (up to 500).
  • Do all from standard PC, even by schedule an/or unattended during off-hours.
  • Remote System Management with VPN-connection/remote capability to control up to 2000 locks (no special modems, equipment required)
  • From Alarm Lock, the leader in electronic access locks with lowest maintenance costs & longest warranties
  • Alarm Lock Wireless Networx™ Cylindrical P/DL6100, P/DL7100 Series (iClass) & 6500 Series (Mortise)

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Just Some of the Many Campuses Secured with NAPCO Technologies:

Antioch Unified School District, CA
Atlanta Public Schools, GA
Austin Independent School District, TX
Beverly Hills School District, CA
Bishops's School, CA
Cabarrus School District, NC
Chandler Unified School District, AZ
Crespi High School, CA
Cumberland County Schools, NC
DeKalb County Schools GA
Elk Grove Unified School District, CA
Fairview Public Schools, MI
Fowlerville Schools, MI
Galion City Schools OH
Graslake School DIstrict, IL
Grossmont Unified School District, CA
Grossmont Unified School District, IL
Horry County Schools, SC
Houston Independent School District, TX
Jamesburg School System, NJ
Kyrene School District, AZ
Lake Tahoe Unified School District, CA
 Los Angeles Unified School District, CA
Madison School District, AZ
Memphis City Schools   TN
Muskegon Catholic Schools, MI
NE Independent School District, San Antonio TX
Norman  Independent School District OK
Northwest Independent School District, TX
Notre Dame High School, CA
Pickens County Schools, SC
Poway School District, CA
Retths-Puffers Schools, MI
South Carolina School for the Deaf & Blind, SC
St. Charles School District, MO
St.Luke's Episcopal School, AL
Sunnyside School District, AZ
Sweetwater School District, CA
Tucson Unified School District, AZ
Waterloo Schools, IA

Arizona State University, AZ
Bakersfield College, CA
Bethel College, MN
Cal Poly Pomona University, CA
Chico University, CA
College of  New Rochelle, NY
Columbia University, NY
Cooper Union College, NY
Cottey College, MO
DuPage College  IL
Eastern Connecticut State University, CT
Fullerton, College, CA
Granite State College, NH
HUP University PA
New  York University, NY
Northwestern College, MN
Olympia University, WA
Oshkosh University  WI
Pierce College, CA
Pierce University Tacoma, WA
San Diego State University, CA 
San Marcos University, CA
Simmons College, MA
St. John’s University, NY
Stanford University, CA
Stonybrook University, NY
UC Davis, CA
University of Akron, OH
University of California, Berkeley, CA
University of Illinois, Champaign  Urbana
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
University of Missouri at Rolla, Engineering School, MO
University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, PA
University of Wisconsin at Menomonie, WI
Victorville College, CA