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Section 1: Setting up a Basic System/Account Questions

  1. DL Windows Software today is backwards compatible with all T3 models since it's inception in 1998
  2. There are two types of PCI Cables, AL-PCI2 for serial ports and AL-PCI2U for USB ports
  3. When using the AL-PCI2U communication cable one should run a Com Port Test and Setup to ensure communication to locks using laptop and/or DTM
  4. How many locks may be created in each System/Account?
  5. The master code is changed in what section of DL Windows Software
  6. You can program standard HID 125k PROX cards in DL Windows
  7. Multiple 125k HID PROX cards with different facility codes may be programmed in the same System/Account and locks
  8. How do you add users to the Global user screen?
  9. Users may be added by importing names from a spreadsheet or CSV File
  10. DL Windows can auto generate what length PIN Codes