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Section 2: Setting up Schedules/Time Zones Questions

  1. Adding users to the Global User Screen and/or Administrative Screen by default have 24/7 access by default
  2. Users must be turned GREEN in the Lock ID chart to be active in each respective lock
  3. Users that are turned RED in the lock ID chart are disabled unless controlled by a schedule
  4. Schedules are used to restrict access to groups and/or individual users
  5. There are 4 groups available in DL Windows Software
  6. Schedules may be created to unlock and relock a door automatically without going to the door
  7. A full schedule has a stop and start time along with the days of the week
  8. A Holiday schedule is created by conflicting with the start time of an existing schedule/time zone
  9. Depending on the Trilogy Model, there are 150 - 500 schedules available to create time zones
  10. An unlock schedule may be created and only activated if an authorized person presents their PIN/Card during a preset window of time