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Section 3: Programming Trilogy Locks with a Laptop and DTMIII Questions

  1. Locks may be programmed using a laptop and/or DTM
  2. The DTM is also user 299 in every lock and must be initially keypad programmed before DTM can be used for the first time
  3. The DTM needs a PIN and/or HID Card to be presented at the lock when sending programming
  4. Initial DTMIII programming to a new lock requires the lock ID assigned by the software to be sent from which mode listed on the DTMIII Display
  5. Using the DTMIII on subsequent visits, the DTMIII is in which mode listed on the DTM Display
  6. How many locks can be loaded at one time in the DTM
  7. The DTMIII can be configured as a DTMII and/or DTMIII
  8. DTMIII is the current version and an upgrade chip is available at no charge from Alarm Lock customer service
  9. The AL-PCI & DTM cables are polarized and the tab must be inserted correctly lock data ports
  10. Laptop programming requires the specific lock data screen to be opened to be able to access the Send/Receive Tab