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Section 4: NETWORX Connectivity Questions

  1. DL Windows can be used to program both stand alone Trilogy locks and Networx wireless locks within the same software/account
  2. Management of DL Windows users/schedules is the same for both standard Trilogy Locks and Networx Locks
  3. There are three gateway models available, IME, POEP, 80211
  4. What is the maximum number of gateways per account
  5. What is the maximum number of locks per gateway
  6. What is the maximum number of locks per account
  7. What is the average communication range of the gateway
  8. How many users many be authorized to initiate Emergency Commands from a lock in addition to those in the Administrative Screen
  9. Can you remotely check battery status on an individual or group of locks from DL Windows Softwar
  10. In setting up your account a security password must be created using how many characters
  11. Once an account is created and lock profile(s) are created, what is the first step in the GW Config Screen
  12. What is the second step in the GW Config screen
  13. Emergency Global Commands may be initiated from both the PC running the software and any lock in the system in less than 10 seconds
  14. Network locks and gateways use flash memory firmware and FREE Updates are available on the web site
  15. Gateways must be set to Static IP Address if you want the ability to initiate Emergency Global Commands at the lock